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Ride2MD is a patient focused Non-Emergency Healthcare Transportation solution provider. We ensure patients get to their medical appointments or anywhere else quickly and safely. We combine personalized customer service and specially trained drivers to eliminate gaps in medical care caused by transportation. Ride2MD and its network of transport providers keep healthcare costs low and increase access to medical services all the while improving customer satisfaction.



Every year, nearly 4 million people can’t get the medical care they need due to problems with transportation. For many, getting to the doctor means spending an entire day between delayed trips, long wait times, confusing schedules, and drivers unequipped to care for essential medical needs. Moreover, due to a lack of transparency and cumbersome logistics, managing patient transport is a major challenge for health plans.

Our team sought out to break the status quo, and build a solution that would simplify the complexity of medical transportation, eliminate outdated logistics, add built-in transparency for both patients and health plans, and make getting to the doctor’s an enjoyable experience for millions.

With a team expertly trained in healthcare management and a passion for putting patients first, we created Ride2MD — a full-service, complete Non-Emergent medical transportation solution that makes patient transport easy, fast and seamless. Our model is powered by real-time mobile technology and is based on a patient-first approach that focuses on the experience of riders, from the moment they board.

 Our revolutionary model automates, streamlines and improves patient transport, eliminating any investment in staff or time by health plans. We incorporate a fleet of credentialed drivers that are equipped to care for patients’ needs, to improve quality and customer satisfaction, as well as increase health outcomes and keep healthcare costs low.